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Funding for this site has been provided by private sector funds but information, educational material and photos have been gathered from a variety of sources from the best of both the public and private sectors. For Veterans, we have placed the best material available on this site to help you in your transition from military service to the civilian sector. For Employers, we think you will find this site eye opening and valuable in learning about the benefits of hiring military veterans into the construction industry. If there is something you would like to see added, please send your inputs to info@veteransbuildamerica.org

We appreciate our sponsors who have generously given of their time, money and resources in the support of providing opportunities in construction for veterans. We salute those who have served and wish you continued success in your transition as you separate from military service and look forward to a wildly successful career.


Orion International - The nationís largest military placement firm, Orion International, through its over 100 employees and five regional offices nationwide, is operated and run by former military Veterans who fully understand the uniqueness and intricacies of military members transitioning into the civilian sector of industry. With that appreciation, Orion works hard to understand its candidates and clients by putting their goals first. To learn more, please visit www.orioninternational.com, or call (800) 872-5002.

Orion MRPO - Military Recruitment Process Outsourcing (MRPO). MRPO is a successful recruitment model that delivers a higher quality and quantity of candidates at a lower cost per hire, with increased customer service. Orion MRPO will create a customized hiring solution for your talent needs, while allowing for ease in budget planning and unprecedented access to Orionís military candidates.

MRPO offers additional recruiting support, customer service, and access to Orionís resources, while providing an average cost savings of more than 25% when compared to a traditional fee-per-hire model. Orion MRPO will bring you the best military talent for your available positions, while saving you time and money. To learn more, please visit www.orionmrpo.com, or call David Coe at (513) 459-8311 x 355.

Orion Engineering Solutions - Orion Engineering Solutions provides talented, industry Experienced engineers to industries ranging from Energy, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Environmental Services, and much more. Our engineers are committed to quality and process improvement, and have excellent hands-on experience and the background to succeed in a variety of settings. They will make an immediate impact on your organization, with unlimited potential for future growth. To learn more, please visit www.orionengineeringsolutions.com, or call Vearl Williams at (512) 327-7111 x 416.